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Oct 31, 2013 4:00pm PDT
to destroy ammunitions must be finalized. >>> nsa leaker edward snowden starts work at the technical support division of russia's largest web sites. the founder of the company invited snowden to join his team a while back. he faces espionage charges and theft of government property in the u.s. for revealing information about the nsa's data gathering networks. >>> the doctor convicted in the death of michael jackson has sued texas. he accuses the texas medical board of prematurely revoking his license he was released this week after serving less than two years for involuntary manslaughter. >>> an 83-year-old woman known for stealing valuable jewelry around the world is back in jail. doris payne appeared before a judge after she was released from prison. abc news reporter brandy with more. >> reporter: behind that smile is a jewel thief. authorities say the 83-year-old is accused of stealing a half carat diamond ring from a manager of this palm desert store. did he not want to be identified. >> when you see someone that old, you don't think they're going steal. >> payne has a 50-year history
Oct 29, 2013 4:00pm PDT
were monitored. thee tails from documents revealed by former nsa contractor edward snowden. james clapper promised to prove the government has been acting appropriately. >> we know the public wants to know whether the government can be trusted to use this appropriately. we believe we have been lawful. >> democratic senator dianne feinstein says she will launch a review of the gathering. bipartisan legislation would scale back massive sweep of phone records. >>> an apology from the head of medicare. she faced harsh questioning from lawmakers. medicare chief says the problems can be fixed and the site would soon work as promised. there are wide spread reports people unable to log on or purchase coverage. texas republican kevin brady asked for a guarantee no american would excombreerns a gap in coverage. >> we have a system working. we're going to improve the speed of the system. >> excuse me? >> yes. >> you're saying system right now is working? >> i'm saying it's working. just not at the speed we want. and at success rate we want. >> she declined to say how many have been able to e
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2